cPanel for Business Hosting

At Cloud Zordo , we offer reliable and high-performing Business Hosting that supports your growing business needs.
Give a try to our most powerful cPanel Business Hosting
designed for larger, more demanding websites or e-commerce.


Exclusive Premium Cloud Hosting.

Experience an unmatched level of performance and compliance with our meticulously designed and optimized Premium Hosting platform, ensuring full PCI-Compliance.

NVMe Cloud Storage

NVMe Cloud Storage

Our business hosting plans offer unparalleled website hosting performance, as they are fully powered by Enterprise-Grade Samsung NVMe drives.

Industry Standard

Industry Standard

The cPanel software has been meticulously developed by a committed team over a span of more than 20 years. When it comes to your business or e-commerce site, don’t compromise for anything less.

brilliant supoort cpanel reseller

6x Daily Backups

Our Premium Reseller Hosting package offers the convenience of six backups per day, making it the perfect choice for dynamic websites.

Up to 200% Faster

Up to 200% Faster

Experience unbeatable website caching and performance for even the most demanding sites. Choose from a variety of caching engines, including Litespeed with LSMCD.

Safe and Peace of Mind Reseller Hosting

Magento Optimised

Seamless integration with Magento. It comes equipped with SSH access, PCI compliance, and Elastic Search as built-in features.

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

With e-commerce agencies in mind, our reseller hosting platform is meticulously designed to ensure full compliance with PCI standards.




Unlimited Domains

Unlimited NVMe
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email
Auto Daily Backup
6 Backups /24 hours + 90 Daily

CPU 4 Cores


Trust relies on security and transparency.

We genuinely value our clients and proud to offer innovative inhouse softwares.


Unlimited 50GB Mailboxes

Enjoy the convenience of 50GB mailboxes for your business. These mailboxes are designed to effortlessly meet all of your business requirements.

full page cac powere by redis

Lightning Fast

LiteSpeed Web Server handles multiple clients simultaneously with its impressive speed, 16 times faster than other servers, for a better user experience.

perimiu datacenter’s only

High Resources

Our Business cPanel Hosting accounts come with 4 CPU Cores and 4GB RAM, allowing you to host the most demanding sites or e-commerce.

Cloud Business Hosting


100% NVMe Storage

No spinning platters, no motors just pure solid transistors. Hardware combinations with NVMe can perform 20 times faster than HDD. Consume less power and listen to commands quickly.

Heaven for WordPress

Experience an exceptional WordPress hosting journey with a range of robust features, such as staging, cloning, and centralized management, designed to enhance the functionality of your WordPress sites.

Lightspeed and LSCache

LiteSpeed Web Server handles numerous clients simultaneously with impressive speed, 16 times faster than other servers, ensuring an engaging experience for website visitors and customers.

MailChannels Email Relay

Blacklisted IPs on shared hosting cause mail delivery issues. We use MailChannels Cloud to relay outbound mail through dedicated IP addresses for reliable delivery. This premium service is free with your hosting platform.

Free Hosting Migration

Want to move from existing provider – no problem. We will transfer your existing cPanel website up to 20GB for free at no extra cost. Additional storage transfers will be done at an affordable price.

FREE SSL Certificates

You can obtain SSL Certificates at no cost for both your own use and for any client accounts you create through cPanel. With a quick installation process, you can easily secure your domains with HTTPS today.

Essential Key Features
Unlimited 100% NVMe Storage Free SSL certificates Litespeed with LSCache Free 6x Daily backups
Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited MySQL Databases Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Addon and Subdomains
DNS Zone Editor Temporary Preview URL MySQL / MariaDB 10.3+ Remote MySQL Connectivity
Email Features
SpamExperts SPAM Protection Blacklist Protection by MailChannels Multiple Webmail Interfaces Email Forwarding
Auto Responders POP3 / IMAP Compatible Calendars and Contacts Email Filters (Global and Per-Mailbox)
Safety & Security
DDoS Protection Imunify360 Security Firewall Real-time malware removal Encrypted cPanel and Email Access
Cloudlinux OS Isolation / Caging Password Protected Directories Restrict Access by IP Address Two-Factor Authentication
Free Website Builder (Site.Pro) Softaculous Auto-Installer (300+ Apps) Website Preview / Temporary URL PHP X-Ray for Bottleneck Diagnosis
Git Integration Ruby, Perl, Node and Python Selector Scheduled Tasks / Cronss Full mod_rewrite Support
LVE Limits
IO: 200MB/s IOPS: 4096 EP: 250 NOP: 275

Varnish web application accelerator, CloudFlare CDN to speedup and protection for your web site’s content on all over the world and your website get loads from visitors closest location. That will make your website load super fast no matter where your visitors are located.


No Surprises, fixed Price

Your account always been protected for any price hike, renew your hosting on the same deal price you purchased with no hidden fees or contracts. We are always fair by terms so we don’t have any hidden fees or additional charges for any service.


Install 300+ Apps just in a click

We do offer Softaculous apps installer with all our cPanel hosting plans, using this you can install and manage most popular CMS’s such as WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart and Magneto etc just in a click.


Multiple PHP Version

We run the default PHP 7.6 version through all our shared servers. However, you are allowed you to switch between multiple versions from 5.6 – 8.2 within your cPanel using PHP manager and ClouDns plugin.


Security On The Priority

RAID is an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It is a method of storing data on multiple hard disks for greater protection and performances. It’s fast and more secure.


Instant Account Activation

Go your website live up instantly. All our Hosting packages setup are automated upon payment confirmation. You will get complete details in next minute to start using your hosting space.


Pro Email Experience

We are using MailChannles routed email delivery network to send all outgoing emails with multiple channels to prevent any IP block and do provide hassle free premium web mail experience.

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